Monday, March 13, 2006
I'm moving!

Right, so I have been talking about moving the last few posts, but really, it's finally hit home. I feel like I'm moving and my laundry hang-ups is not just a distant threat. It's real! It's weird, I know. It took a while for the whole getting married thing to hit me, and it's taken a while for this whole move to hit me. Last weekend, chris and I went out to shop for a sofa. It was only after we paid for it that I realised, "Oh my! We bought a sofa. That must mean we're moving" Duh...

So anyway, said sofa will be delivered some time in the next 5-6 weeks. It gets made (hand-made, apparently) in Melbourne, and then trucked up to Sydney. Woohoo! I can;t wait!

We're still looking for a dining set, and a washing machine, and a vacuum cleaner, and an entertainment unit or at least some sort of surface on which a tv can sit, and.. oh and so many other things! At least we don't have tobuy any crockery or cutlery. I have a full set of that. More than a full set, actually. I think I have enough to serve a party of 12 or 16 or some ridiculously large number of people. My set of pots and pans would put many a household to shame. Why? Because my parents decided to stock up a full flat when I was a student and when I moved back to Malaysia, we kept many of the more expensive things like the set of pots and the crockery and cutlery. We're also keeping my bed as I have a queen-sized bed, and it's only about 3 years old. The clothes dryer is stayingas it's in good nick, and we need one anyway. We'll be using a shared laundry, but it's one of those where you have to provide your own machine.

Chris came over tonight and we did some mega packing. We wrapped and packed away most of teh plates and bowls and cutlery. We also moved lots of towels, sheets and clothes into bags to put in his car so that we can move them into the new place when I get the keys this Friday.

You know what? It hurt to move. It's really strange. I have only been here for two years and I feel so attached to this place. I am confortable here. I don't want to move. But I have to. This flat is simply too small for the two of us.

Anyway, I should be happy, right? And I am, or at least a part of me is. I am happy to be moving to a new place which will be OUR home. I am happy to finally be able to live with Chrisas his wife (not that I've ever really lived with him as anything else, apart from the first two months when I first moved to Sydney and needed a place to stay). So there ARE things I am happy about. It's just that right now, the feeling of dread and not wanting to move is overpowering everything else.

Oh, before I forget, do any of you have any ideas as to what we can do for curtains? The new place has no curtains nor blinds (apart from a partly mouldy set in the bedroom). We would like to put up some curtains for privacy and also to keep the heat in during winter. We're considering some of the Ikea solutions, but I was wondering whether any of you have any "handmade" ideas.
Spotlight, Celia. They have everything you need to make your own curtian: fabric, lining, tape, rods - everything. I made all my own with spotlight products. Well, OK, I bought fabrics from an expensive interior decorating shop, but I bought everything else from Spotlight. They even had pamphlets on how to use the products.
if you want something more decorative, there is a cute patern for lace crocheted curtains in Erika Knight's new crochet book.

My mom used to make curtains out of sheets cause the fabric was so cheap and you could make the curtains wider than with commerical fabrics without a seam.
spotligth and lincraft have curtain fabric called "Ezy curtains" or something ike that. All you need to do is buy enough for 2-3 times the width of your window and then hem them. The tape is already sewn on and all you have to do is pull the cotton strings to gather up the curtain to the right width. A tip is not to cut the cotton strings so if you move again, you can take the curtains with you and hopefully you can fit them to the width of another window (that's if the length is right!). the only other things you will need is a curtain track and some hooks.

Another option is you can buy ready mades from Spotlight, Lincraft or Target if your windows are fairly standard.

good luck with curtains - they drove me mad and Doug cringes when I even mention the word!!!!!

i hate moving!!!
if your broke a good way to make curtians is to buy flat sheets in the color you want and go to the craft section of the store and get the iron hem stuff and there's no sewing they're long so if you have big windows the "curtians" will hang to the floor. and it's cheap! you could do the same with the fabric. walmart has a bunch for like $1 a yard. it may be cheaper than sheets.
have fun.
i cn'at offer any crafty ideas about window curtains... but if you have a Home Depot or Lowe's, they have some window blinds that are easy (relatively) to in stall...

i think it's normal to feel sad about moving.... b/c it's more than just a move.
Well, for curtains, I just went with Ikea for the rod, the hooks and curtains etc.

They have those 100% linen ones that went well with the look we want, which is really simple.
Hi! Celia,

My pics remind you of mum huh? :) Well, here's a suggestion from auntie Sally :)) I know of young couples like yourself who have the entire set of curtains tailored here and sent over there! Seems it's still worth the trouble.
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