Friday, March 31, 2006
KSH shrug completed!

And it took less than a week. I'd model it, if I could fit into it, but since I can't, this will have to do.

From the front...

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From the back...

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I used one skein of KSH with a little leftover. It may be enough for a small crocheted flower. On 4.5mm needles, this project sure went quickly! It's light and folds up into a tiny bundle, small enough, I think for mum to fit into her handbag.

The bind off is a little tight, but I'm not ripping it back for now. Let mum try it on and see whether she complains. Can you imagine ripping back KSH?!
very nice well done :0)
Just beautiful! Good job!
absolutely stunning! i hope we can see a pic of your mom modeling it for us...
That's lovely!! Any pattern? How is KHS next to the skin? I know it's a B*%$h to rip.

I'm a big fan of shrugs. Yours came out beautifully. Is it your own pattern? What a lovely gift.


Looks lovely! You're picking up speed!
beautiful pattern on the back!
wow you sped along on that one, looks fab!
Gorgeous shrug. I've been looking for something to use up a spare ball of KSH I have in my stash.
very pretty
You have made me interested in knitting a shrug! I have to add it to my plans..
Elegant shrug . . . nice detail. Enjoyed reading your blog.
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