Friday, April 28, 2006
I'm someone's ball and chain now!

The whole realisation that I am now married finally hit me this morning (yes, some 6 days after the actual wedding - told you I am slow!) when Chris rang me from the garage to say he had left his fruit at the entrance of the flat. I ran outside in my sarong and teeshirt (my version of pyjamas) to meet him at his car with the fruit. Now why did I do that? Pre-wedding I'd probably have told him, "Tough, go without!". [sigh] Is this a sign of things to come? Perhaps it isn't all bad. In this arrangement, I have acquired a driver. Chris now picks me up at uni as I take the train in. That means I can stop off at Basement Books before class! Woohoo!

Thank you for all the well wishes. The wedding went very well. I don't think I could have asked for more.

The location was gorgeous. We caught some sun just before it went over the horizon.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We had some photos taken down on the pier near the restaurant. It must have been a popular day for weddings as we saw at least three other wedding parties taking photos at the same time. There was one other wedding at the restaurant and they had the garden before we did.

The ceremony went without a hitch. Chris reckons I said, "In sickness and in help" instead of " health". I swear I didn't! I like that he has vowed to share with me in plenty and in want. I tried reminding him of that when there was one mini magnum left in the freezer - he said,"There's plenty, and I want!" - in case you're wondering, yes, he did share it with me.

My aunt surprised me with some flowers...

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And that was the start of a few surprises for the night.

All the guests were very generous with their gifts. Even the pastor who conducted the wedding ceremony, and her husband brought us a gift. We are so touched by all the wonderful gifts we received - all practical useful stuff!

Midway through the meal, just before dessert was served, Jose, one of the men running the restaurant (we haven't worked out his role yet) informed us that someone had dropped off a cake for us. There was no tag on it, but there was a post-it note with Chris' and my names on it. We didn't know who had sent it. After that he told us that the flowers in the room (which we initially thought were from the restaurant) were from the same person. Hmm.. There was also no tag on the flowers! It wasn't till later when we realised the blue bag on the presents table was also from the same person, and the tag on that said "the uni crowd". That was truly unexpected and it nearly made me cry. Well, nearly, since I didn't want the mascara to run, although Nikki had said she used waterproof mascara, I wasn't sure I trusted it that much! ;)

Oh and dessert...
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That's one of the three on the menu.. and a popular one too as the kitchen had to churn out 12 of these perfect souffles for our table!

Chris had enlisted the help of his siblings to make place cards for the wedding, and they were completed the day before the wedding. Talk about last minute! I guess it could have been worse. We could have been at the carpark gluing down bits of paper to make the placecards!

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Chris saved his placecard, and it now lives here:

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That's our new entertainment unit and tv. Chris loves it - VERY MUCH - I think he would have married it if it were legally possible ;)

We spent the night at the Shangri-la in Sydney. Oh what a view!

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Let's try again:

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Thank God for late check-out. We were both so exhausted, we pretty much woke up for breakfast, went back to sleep, woke up for lunch and then checked out and that was the end of our day!

What knitting?

Needless to say, very little knitting has been done

I have tried to keep myself busy by making Warming Grace squares. Since Cynthia is now accepting squares of all colours, I thought I could use up some of the bright red yarn I have. It's not going to be used for much else, but I thought it would look good in a blanket with other brightly coloured squares.

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I completed two on the morning of the wedding. I have been told knitting calms nerves. I thought that was a good enough excuse to go meet the girls at Rubi and Lana's for an hour or so of knitting..

When I got to my parents' hotel, they were settling down to lunch with the rest of the aunts and uncles (actually, there was only one uncle) and by then they had called me three times - yes, count that, 1,2,3 times! One would think they were more stressed out that I was. Maybe they should knit!
Congrats to the newlyweds...CONGRATULATIONS!!!
to you two, i wish you a life of happiness, cheer, love, laughs, and good times. Marriage is a special thing and you two deserve eachother. If bad-times come, you will pull through!!! I wish you all the happiness in the world!
You actually got some knitting done???
No, not ball and chain but.. he's now your slave for life... bwahahahahaha!
Congratulations again!
You are the master and he's the slave............just let him find that out!roflol Congrats on the nuptuals.
well, gotta keep the hubby happy so he'll ignore the amt of space the stash takes up, right? and ignore it when you go buy more yarn?

and, you know another Cynthia?
we were glad to be of help at rubi & lana's ;) and hey were are this pics of the blushing bride eh? that souffle looks yummo...
Congrats to you and Chris! I'm so happy to hear everything went well (except for the want of mini Magnums of course!).

How does it feel to say "my husband"??
Congratulations to both of you! Great photos! The view of Sydney is breathtaking!
congratulations!!! wishing you two a lifetime of happiness and all the blessings that marriage can bring. =)
Yea, Celia & Chris! All the best wishes for both of you. Marriage is great--you'll love it. Have fun!
May you have a blissful and 'tight-knitted' marriage.
Congratulations Celia! It looks like you had such a lovely day! All those nice surprises is a great sign of how well loved you are - enjoy it! The location looked really great!

And hey thanks for doing squares even when you are still in the glow of the newly married!
It looks like you had a fantastic day! Many congratulations. I assume there are some photos of you and the infamous veil around somewhere??
Congratulations! I love the placecards. Such an elegant font!
Congratulations Celia on getting married!!! Chris is a very lucky guy. Thank you for posting the photographs and allowing everyone who couldn't be there to share your special day be a part of it. I can't wait to catch up with you when I am back next. Love Alissa
Congratulations Celia. I'm so pleased for you. Long and happy life together.
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