Saturday, June 17, 2006
Lazy Saturday

It's half past eleven and we've only just had breakfast. We slept in, for once. Much as I am sleepy ALL the time, it's not often that I get the pleasure of sleeping in. Ever since moving to this flat, my internal alarm clock wakes me up daily at about 6 o'clock. If I am lucky, it's slow and I wake up at 6:15!

Knitting mojo has not returned. I am considering putting up posters on the street lamps around the area offering a reward for the safe return of said knitting mojo. [sigh]

Thank you to everyone who left a message. I could not reply to all of them as some of you didn't leave me an email address. I didn't realise that I hadn't said when the baby will be born. If it decides to appear as scheduled, it will arrive mid January. However, babies being babies.. they seem to have their own schedule and I am sure thsi one will be the same.

I don't have any cravings (yet?) but Chris does. He's going through sympathetic pains. Well, not real pains.. but you know what I mean. He has the cravings and even some of the nausea. Hilarious..

I am now addicted to orange juice. I just can't get enough of it. If I run out of orange juice, I eat fresh oranges. What's the deal with oranges?! I miss the soft cheeses that I am no longer allowed to eat and deli meats. I try to make up for it by eating slices of cheddar instead. teh doctor has recommended three servings of dairy a day to boost my calcium intake. Well, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!

Both Chris' parents and mine are excited about this pregnancy. It will be the first grandchild on both sides. Everyone's told me how spoilt it will be. No, it will not! Not if I have anything to do with it anyway. Look, it's not even getting knitted clothes from its mama, how spoilt can it get?? ;)

We'releaving for our holiday next week, and I can't wait. Well, it's really "wedding - take 2" for us. We had the formal ceremony and wedding reception here and now we're going home (well, home for me, and just "KL" to Chris) for the tea ceremony and a second reception. I have a Chinese dress (a cheongsam) to fit into. My rapidly disappearing waist means that I can only just squeeze into it. Oh well.. I hope i don't grow any more between now and next week! We used to joke about how there's about two months between the ceremonies and I could even be pregnant for the second one. Uhm, folks, don't joke about such things if you don't want them to happen... But it's all good, since I became pregnant AFTER the first ceremony. Anyone who really wants to can count the dates.. I knwo a few who have already!

I really have to get off my bottom and do some cleaning.. dad's coming over this afternoon.
Celia, you are too cute! You are going to have different and strong wants, desires and needs (i.e. oranges) - you are growing a baby! The knitting mojo will return...give it a week or two!!! Good luck with Wedding Part Two. Have fun with your dad!
Guess whose sock pattern is in Yarn Magazine!
Congratulations, Celia!
I just saw it when I was in the car quickly flicking thru the patterns.
Is this your first?
Congrats on your new baby! I can't wait to see what kinds of baby goodies are knitted.
Congratulations, Celia!!! You're just shooting out good news faster than I can process it. And, yep, whoever coined the term "morning sickness" must have been a man. It's not just in the morning. Enjoy your oranges!
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