Wednesday, July 26, 2006
I am back

Still getting my life back in order

We arrived home on Sunday afternoon and started work on Monday morning. At the moment, we have managed to unpack most of our clothes and ironed most of what we need to, but I am still getting things in order.

I'll blog more about the holiday later. Boy, do I have tales to tell! Meanwhile, I just have some exciting news to share

Baby's first pictures

We had our first ultrasound today and our second obgyn visit yesterday. Surprisingly, although I ate like a pig and laze around like one too all of the past 4 weeks, I only gained one kilogram. I must have worms or something..

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Hmm.. looks like I have a giant worm living in my belly! No, really, it's just Bubba. So there you go, Bubba's first picture.

Even the sonographer commented that Bubba is really active. The whole time that she was trying to capture images of it, it didn't stop moving. It's also camera shy. I have a feeling it knows that Dad is a little trigger happy and is just practicing for when it meets Dad. Bubba liked curling up, doing little headstands and doing pretty much everything aside from what we wanted it to do. It sat on its feet and turned its face away. [sigh] Maybe when we go in for the 19th week scan, Bubba will be a little more cooperative.

Thank you to all my secret pals

I received my blue month package in KL. It's been taken apart already. It included some Zara yarn, couple of books (including a super cute Japanese pattern book for kids), some candles, fragrance, and a few other things. I'll take pictures when I can. Right now, the presents are living in our luggage, yet to be unpacked! Thank you, Chooi Wah! Also, I came home and found that I had forgotten to post off part of your blue gift. Oops. I will send that off as soon as I can.

Thank you to my secret oneskein pal. I have already used one of the skeins you sent me( yes, already!). It's lovely and became a really cute baby hat, even if I do say so myself. Pictures when I get round to it. :) No, really, I haven't taken any pics yet. Thank you also for the skein of Artyarns silk. It's gorgeous. I love the colours. I haven't decided what I will do with it yet, so it's joining my stash for now.

Mary my KR secret pal, you know who you are, thank you. That was the most amazing gift ever. Seriously, folks, I'll have to take a picture of everything I have been sent. It was seriously amazing. The package included a whole lot of KP's Andean Silk in Chocolate.. hmm.. enough for a nice winter cardigan, I think. I also receiveda Nicky Epstein's book, amongst other things. It was a fantastic gift. I will make sure I take a picture of it, and you'll see what a lucky girl I am!

Finally, and certainly not the least important, thank you to me KR secret pal (from the previous round). I'd love to know who you are. I love all my gifts in this package and previous ones, and you've been a fantastic pal.. and late is not bad.. It was a great surprise to come home to so many packages!
We only go for our first ultra sound at 19 or 20 weeks, so my first Ultra Sound isn't until Aug 17th, and I can't wait to see a first picture of the little one! And know the sex! Are you going to find out or wait for it to be a surprise? When's your due date?
i can totally see a face/head in the ultra sound, but maybe i'm making things up. where's pics of vacay? lol. take your time unpacking etc. i'm sure you'll show us pics
awwwwww.. look at Bub's weedle nose and lips!
getting all clucky...awwwwww
First baby photos are so cute.
How special is that? It's a good picture too!
What a great first photo.
We have ours on the wall in our room.
Welcome back. Glad you had a good time.
ohhhh cute! my little bub was just the same, super active during u/s and guess what - shes super alert, loves to be awake and playing and very vocal.

now remember you didnt eat like a pig, these weeks are massive for growth and development so eat up - uh oh i hated advice in pregnancy and now i'm giving it!!!!!!

just enjoy it, its the best excuse for everything!!!!
Congrats, Celia, on being a mummy.
What a great first photo of lil' Bubba!
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