Friday, August 25, 2006
It's a boy!

We had our second ultrasound scan this week and it's confirmed - we have a boy baby!

It's all a little exciting and I am still trying to get used to the idea that 'it' is no longer an 'it', but a 'he'. Many of the clothes we bought in Malaysia are more suitable for a boy than a girl. I figured it's okay to dress a girl in boy outfits but not so okay to do the reverse! There is a cute little red dress that we bought which won't get used. Seems a pity. I am still determined to keep it - for next time!

What a sook!
I am being a bit of a sook at the moment. Chris left last night to go to Paris to surprise his family there. They are holidaying there and it's his mum's 60th birthday next week. I guess I could have gone with him, but really, a 24 hour flight when I am tired and pregnant wasn't exactly appealing. I was also not keen on being surrounded by food I can't eat and wine I can't drink - seemed too much like self-imposed torture to me.

So here I am in Sydney, and in about ten minutes, he will be landing in Paris. It will be another few hours before he meets his family as they will soon be catching the train from London to Paris. They still don't know he is going to be there! I did suggest that he tell at least one of themm that he will be going, but he wanted it to be a total surprise. I sure hope they don't change their plans, otherwise it will be Chris who will be getting a big surprise!

I didn't think it would feel this bad to be home alone. It isn't as if I have never lived alone before. For some strange reason, it feels far more lonely now than ever before. perhaps it is because I have gotten so used to his presence in the flat and it feels weird to be here alone. The bed feels big and empty now when it never did before when I used to live alone. It's the same bed, for crying out loud! I never thought I'd be sad that he's not here, it's only for a week, for goodness sake!

I am just being a sook...

I received my third One Skein exchange gift this week. I have had a great secret pal. her name is Helene, and Helene, if you're reading this, I think you're tops!

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She sent me a felted clutch bag and a child's bolero. I love it all. Helene has been really generous over the exchange. I never got a package with just one skein. Oh no.. I always got more! Helene, you're amazing!

I also received my August swap package from Kate. Here it is:

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The black yarn is acrylic, but it's the world's softest acrylic. I am still trying to work out what I want to make with it. I am considering a baby's blanket with eye-burning bright stripes. What do you think? I also received a skein of Rowanspun and a st of short dpns amongst other things. I love the Bobbi Bear pattern. Unfortunately I did not have any suitable bulky yarn for it,so I had to.. yes, HAD TO buy some Cascade Bulky for it

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The gauge is different but it's working out so far. The yarn arrived this evening and so far I have knitted the body and one leg. I still have to make the other leg, the arms and the head. I think I can finish it this weekend. Yes, really!

Of course I am meant to be doing something else - an assignment due on Monday. Bobbi Bear is so much more fun, though. I am just goign to knit a little more till Chris calls me from Paris, and then I'll start on my assignment.
Just happened upon your blog! Congrats on the wonderful news! It will be so much easier purchasing yarn :)
The Project Progress in the column on your web page is terrific. How did you create it?
That is a great swap package! And congratulations on the new baby boy in your future!
We also just had our first ultra sound about a week and a half ago, and we also just found out we're having a boy! When are you due? How many weeks are you? Everyone I know is having boys - I think there's something in the air! Congrats on your future son!!! (Email me for my blog address, I have it privately set up now, due to a stalker!)
CONGRATULATIONS, that is great news! a lovely little boy!!!! hope you don't miss hubby too much! mines been away at a conference in the states and I miss him heaps - especially when I had to wheel our big wheelie bins up the driveway!!!
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