Thursday, August 31, 2006
All done

I think the colours came out really well. It doesn't show well in the photos though, so I'll apologise for the poor quality of the photos.

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I was very worried that it will be a very short scarf, as I am only using one skein of this yarn. It turns out that the scarf is longer than I expected, and shorter than I had hoped- typical, isn't it?! The scarf measures about 55 inches from end to end and I tried it on myself. It wraps around my neck once and dangles nicely. Good enough, I say!

I tried to get a closeup of the colours, but I don't think that came out too well either, but you get the idea.

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Two more sleeps till Chris gets home. Whoopeee! It sounds like he's been having a good time in Paris, and I am glad. It would have been a pity fro him to have travelled all that way and not enjoy his time there. They had dinner at a restaurant at the Eiffel Tower last night for his mum's birthday. Sounds nice. He did say thatthe view was very nice. I can imagine that it would be.

I am still fighting off this awful cold and cough. I went to see the doctor on Tuesday and he gave me a script for some 'safe' antibiotics, but I am waiting to see whether it gets any worse before getting it filled. It feels like it's getting better. I have been working at home all week. I didn't think my colleagues would want me to be sharing my germs around. I see the obstetrician again next week, so I'll probably run it by him before I start on any course of antibiotics, if I do decide to do so.

I think it's time to start another baby outfit. I just don't know what to make. I was considering a baby cardigan in self striping Regia yarn, but I am not sure that i want to be knitting at such fine gauge. We'll see, I guess. Next time I post, I would probably have finished half a cardigan!
Celia, you are such a speedy knitter! From what I can see the scarf looks great and it's an inspiration to my little solo ball of the same yarn. What size needles did you use?
Looks great. I can see the colors in the second pic, but I'm sure it looks even better in person. My camera won't photograph red very well, other colors seem ok, though. Smart about asking your ob first. I hope you feel better soon!

The baby sweaters out of the sock yarn are a great deal of fun, and go quickly, especially as you already knit quickly.

And, they're a great weight for babies! Not too hot!

Pretty scarf. It turned out really well.

Baby cardigans are so cute and there are so many great patterns out there.
This is Debbie - I am the lucky knitter that rec'd this scarf! It is truly, truly gorgeous. The pictures don't do it justice. The colorway is fabulous! I have had it on display in my shop since it's arrival yesterday. It has been "loved" many times by many knitters! The weight (and length) is perfect for our semi-tropical climate. Celia has been an exceptional One Skein swap friend. I have rec'd several nice skeins of yarns native to Australia. Most of them I had not seen before. Along with the scarf, came two skeins - one a lovely cotton and the 2nd, a wonderful pale pink wool - also Aussie yarns!

The scarf will remain a cherished gift always from a new friend across the ocean.

Thank you, Celia

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