Friday, September 15, 2006
One finished object and two new projects

I gues sthe finished object deserves to be shown first.

This is the baby sweater I knitted out of blue/grey/white Regia Brasil yarn and some white Patonyle . I finally got around to sewing on the press studs and the weaving in the ends,so here it is:

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It's a really easy design, which is almost like two rectabgles with minimal shaping for the body and the sleeves are tapered towards the wrist. The shoulders are sewn for about the first 1 1/2 cm on each side and then closed using two press studs on each side. If Bubba takes after me or Chris (and well he should seeing as we are his parents) he will have a big head. I don't just mean big like slightly larger than usual, I mean HUGE. I remember having trouble fitting my head through the neck of many tee-shirts when I was a child. I hope the press stud closures on the shoulders will be the solution for that problem, should it arise.

Since Bobbi Bear is so large, I thought I'd make Bubba a smaller bear.

Bubby bear has a head, ears, body and one arm, so far. Chris has suggested that I give him eight legs and he can be like an octopus-bear hybrid.. ermm.. maybe not?? I can imagine how confused the poor baby will be, growing up thinking bears have eight legs!

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Bubby is slowly growing another arm. He will be completed in due time - before Bubba arrives.

Right now I am preoccupied with this:

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It's my ISE3 scarf. My pal lives somewhere in the northern hemisphere and has "not so cold" winters. It rarely drops below freezing where she is. Uhm.. that's still kinda cold forme, but I am a cold-wuss. I decided to go with the SWTC Bamboo yarn because it has all the right colours, I hope. Well, it has all the right colours according to MY interpretation of what she said she likes. Let's just hope it's an accurate interpretation. Since the area where she lives is not very cold, I was also hoping a scarf from a lighter weight yarn will see more use than a super warm scarf.

The pattern is Liesel. I thought it was a nice simple pattern. Oh how wrong I was! There are pattern stitches on BOTH sides of the scarf. That's right - BOTH sides. I thought I could just blindly purl all the wrong side rows.. but nope, think again. I am plodding along slowly. I have completed about 1 1/2 repeats of the pattern so far and I have a loooooong way to go. I do like working with the bamboo yarn, though. It's not as hard to work with as cotton, in my opinion. Much like cotton, it has no 'boing factor' in it. It has absolutely no give at all. It's not too hard on the hands though, and judging by how it feels now, I think it will have a lovely hand once it's been washed and blocked.
Surfing over from ISE3 to say hi! Your scarf looks beautiful, the recipient will love it! Good work.
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