Saturday, October 07, 2006
4 down, 8 to go

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This is my little piece of alien landscape. I love the little bumps on it. The pattern says that I should steam block it before sewing the blocks together, but I like the bumps. I think it adds character to the blanket. Also, I think the baby will like the bumps - something to grab on to, you know. Oh, and about this becoming a baby blanket.. I am not sure it willbe for baby anymore. I like it so much and I think I may make it into a little lap blanket for me. The colours go well with my couch.. so maybe it will be a small throw that I can keep by the couch. We'll see. I don't know how big it will be yet. I was planning on making 12 blocks. I may buy more Silk Garden and make it larger if I am not sick of it by the time I finish the first 12.

4 are completed, and I'm onto my 5th block now.

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I think the colours are working out quite well. They are more muted than I had expected, but I think I like them that way. Thank you, Cynthia, for picking out the colours. It's working out really well.

Baby shopping

I know most first-time parents-to-be would probably have amassed a whole lot of baby stuff by now, but we have been putting off shopping as we don't have much room in the flat. We finally bit the bullet this morning and went to Baby Kingdom. Boy,oh boy...the shophad practically everything that one could need or want for a baby and then some. We ended up buying a cot and mattress, a stroller and a rocker and they will deliver everything a week before Christmas. We thought we'd only buy the essentials so that we don't end up with a whole lot of clutter and regret it 2 months later. So I guess we're done with baby shopping as far as the big things go. There isn't much else that we'd need. Over the next couple of months, we'll just focus on the little things like face washers, nappies, wraps, and other such nitty gritty things.

Baby is growing well, I think. My belly has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few weeks, and I can now feel his movements a lot more now than before. He seems to like to play at about 9.30 at night - every night! I hope he doesn't keep this up after he's born as I'd like to get some rest at night, thank you very much.

More dyeing

Last week I dyed some pure merino top and put them up for sale at my Etsy shop. Only one lot is left now, but more will come soon... maybe next week.
bumps for bump! How sweet!
umm...i think you better take what rest you can get now!!! the squares look great, even if subdued.
Hah! Your comment about the baby bouncing in your tummy made me laugh. I learned to knit a year ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter. There I was, trying to figure out those awful stitches, and she was bouncing all around my stomach. I could hardly hold my needles still!
It's looking great! I have to stop reading blogs, cuz I want to knit all of the patterns I see! Definitely get rest now. I did start to nap when the baby did, though. Now, the kids are big and I still need a nap!
Love how your blanket is turning out. Don't worry, every blanket in the house will get used by baby at some point in time. You'll have 18 years with him after all. So make it whatever size you want it to be.

My doctor told me that Girly was so active at night because that's when I was the least active. When I was moving, she would be soothed by all the rocking caused by my movements and when I settled down, she would wake up and get moving around. Things changed when she was born and her best sleep was at night. Not long enough mind, but not too bad.
ooh, looks great! Hollis at is knitting it too in the SWTC Karaoke and it looks great. You are so quick in whipping up those pieces!
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