Sunday, October 15, 2006
8 done!

Lizard Ridge Blanket

8 down, 4 to go. That's right, I am more than half way there. There are mroe pictures on the camera but right now, I am just too lazy to edit the photos andput them up. maybe next time, okay?

I think I'll get to12 squares in another week or two, which means the blanket will be finished pretty soon. The squares knit up quite quickly, and they are still not boring me to death yet. My only complaint is about the scratchiness of the yarn. It's not as bad as Kureyon but it's not soft and certainly not smooth. I have to pull bits of vegetable matter out every now and again, which is not something I have to do with other yarns I have used - not even the organic yarn! Anywa, about the scratchiness.. I was todl that after a good soak and wash, it will soften. I sure hope so, as it's definitely not soft enough to be a baby's blanket now.

Uni sucks..

I have spent much of the weekend working on an assignment for Monday night's class. I have read over the paper, and although it is not great, I think it will have to do. I am sick of reading about governmentaid and writing about it. Enough!!

I have another few weeks before the term ends,and another 3 assignments to hand in, not including this one. Looks like I will be a busy bee for the next few weekends. Terrible, I know, and it's nobody's fault but my own. Somebody tell me the bit of paper I will get at the end of all this is worth it!

More dyeing in this house

Yesterday was a stinking hot day, and what did I do? I dyed. Well, we did three loads of washing, and I dyed as well. There will be some more merino roving going up for sale at my Etsy store this week. Just watch out for it, if you're interested.

It got up to 37 degrees Celcius here yesterday - talk about hot! We were taking down the dry washing from the line as quickly as we ould put up the wet stuff. Thank god for air-conditioning! We're not even at the height of summer yet. Heck, it's only the middle of spring. I think it's going to be a long hot one this year...

Baby progress

The baby growing is going well. Bubs is an active little thing. He kicks.. at the weirdest times of the day - in the middle of the night, when I am sitting with my feet up, etc. He also seems to like food. Most of the time, a few minutes after I start eating, he starts kicking me.

These days, I feel like I am carrying a sack of rice around with me.. Maybe a sack of hot rice, since I am feeling hot all the time. Sharlyn said that's how you know I am Asian. Other's would say 'a sack of potatoes' but I say 'a sack of rice'. I had to laugh.. it never even crossed my mind to say "potatoes".
Can't wait to see the picture progress of the blanket! Maybe also post a baby belly shot??? :)
aw..., uni sucks now cause u're doing assignments, but once u get that cert in ur hands, u'll forget all about it. :) Hang on dearie.
You can't beat my Uni. Those ppl *obviously* didn't send my parchments to me which has been ready since May until I asked them last week!
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