Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Edging Candidates

I can't decide. Help me out, folks. I took pictures of the three candidates against different edges to see what they'd look like.

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I am leaning towards the gray or brown, but I am not sure.

Should I go looking in my stash again? I also have a lighter gray which I can use but forgot I had so I didn't photograph it.
I vote for the gray. Your blanket is just beautiful!
I agree - I think the grey will let the other colours come out more - it looks fantastic.
Another vote for grey.
Could be just the colours in the photo, but the grey is the clear winner!
Another vote for grey!
I like both the brown and grey. Grey would be nice if you wan a color that blends in well. Brown seems to make it look slightly edgier.
At first I thought the brown, but the more I look at it the grey looks best to me. Once again, I have to say the blanket looks so great!
definitely the grey!!! The brown looks too dark in the picture and I think it would make the whole thing more dark. The grey seems to fit most of the other colors well. The white/ecru is definitely out!!! Too harsh...

Cheers Eva
grey grey all the way
I'd go with the gray as well.
i like the brown but I'm all about brown right now so...
Even though they're all neutral colours are I totally say "grey" is my pick.

The white is too harsh a contrast, the brown (a close second fav) would make it dark and heavy looking. The grey keeps everything neutral and soft... It doesn't compete with all the action going on in the blanket.
I like the grey best for the edging too, as it seems to tone in best with all the colours in your blanket.
hmmm no olive brown?
I like the grey best too. The white is way too much and the brown might overpower the subtler colours.
go grey. too bad you don't have that mustard color isn't an option.
Definitely the grey. I think my comment is superfluous, though, after reading everyone else's!
I'll go with grey but seriously, I would prefer cream to make the colors *scream* a little!
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