Sunday, July 15, 2007
Our first illness free weekend in 2 months - NOT!

I thought were would have an illness-free weekend now that Alex is doing so well and I have recovered. Uhm.. think again. Chris is now down with some sort of flu bug and his joints are killing him. Does it ever end in this household?!

On the knitting front, not much has been happening. I am busy trying to complete a pair of pantaloonies for the little girl who got this brown and purple pair. Her mum liked them enough to want another pair, but a machine washable pair this time. She liked a pair that I had previously made, but unfortunately they are too small for her baby. So I am making her another pair, as close to identical as possible.

See.. the thing is.. I made the first pair out of stash wool. I think the colours had been discontinued, and not recently either! So I had to find similar wool in colours as close to the original as I could get.

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The original pair is on the right and the new ones are on the left. Pretty darned close, huh! We're nearly done with the body part now and in another few rows, I'll be splitting the piece to knit the legs. Hmm.. I wonder whether she would like purple cuffs at the bottom too. Off to go ask!

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Not sure if it's better to be healthy and have the whiney sick husband, or have the healthy husband and feel like crap. But i'm glad the baby isn't sick! pant colors look practically identical!
Awww, goodness gracious! I hope everyone is feeling better and back on their feet in no time! It's not fun having sicky's in the house.

Very cute pantaloonies, though!
Goodness, Alex is so cute! Hope Chris recovers soon. :)
I don't think that you could get closer if you tried!
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