Sunday, April 29, 2007
I persevered..

And this is what has become of it thus far:

I must admit that it is growing on me. The colours are coming out nicely, though I am still disappointed that the green tones appear to have been devoured by the blues. At the moment I have completed 17 1/2 repeats and it measures a little over 37 inches unblocked. As it is quite a skinny scarf, I am hoping to get it to about 70 inches so that my scarfee can wind it around her neck twice if she wishes. That is 70 inches blocked, which will probably be about 60-65 inches unblocked. I'll probably get to 30 repeats and measure again.

B1 came over yesterday for a knitting lesson. She has been making a garter stitch scarf and it's coming along nicely. She started it with a couple of balls of yarn from her mother's stash. It was unlabeled and I'm not quite sure what it was. When she went to try find some yarn with which to add to her scarf at a certain Sydney city yarn store, she was told, "that's acrylic. We don't have that here". I'm not sure it's 100% acrylic - may have been a blend. I didn't test it either - what's the point? It did sound rather snobbish and dismissive of them, though. However, I did warn her that they can be rather snooty at that store. Credit where credit is due - they did help her to find some yarn to use on her scarf and she ended up buying a couple of balls of Cleckheaton Country Silk. It's a pretty yarn from 85%wool and 15% silk. It's soft and has a really nice hand. Guess who ended up with a ball of that? Yup, B1 gave me a ball as a thank you for teaching her to purl.

Gosh! That girl is a fast learner. It took her minutes to learn the purl stitch and after that she was practicing it without a problem. Look at that piece that she knitted in a couple of hours here ... pretty good, huh? Her stitches are mostly nice and even too.. I am almost envious! I am quite sure I could not knit like that when I first started.

Alex was a gem for the most of the time that B1 and B2 were here. He got tired at around dinner time (as usual.. he seems to ALWAYS know when I am done cooking!) and started to grizzle a little. He was easy enough to put to bed, though, as he was probably so exhausted from all that talk talk talk with B2.

This is his latest trick. He's still too young to be told it's rude to poke his tongue out at people. Well, that and he thinks it is amusing and it does amuse me. Yes, I am easily amused by my boy. :)

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Aw, he's so cute! He'd make me laugh at him, too :)
He is just too cute, Celia!!
The scarf is gorgeous - and the boy is perfect :)
Was shopping in a certain wool shop in Sydney during their last sale. Found a knitting kit which would have been a good gift for one DIL I had just taught. Kit was sealed so I couldn't feel yarn. It looked nice and colour range was good. I twisted the ball in the pack and there was nothing to indicate what it was. So I asked.

Surprise. "It would be wool, of course." I asked salesperson to find out for sure. It was acrylic and no, I could not open pack to feel what it was like. I prefer wool. It's kinder to my fingers but I recognise that many acrylics these days are nice to work with and fine to feel. I'm really not a yarn snob. However, not being able to feel this one I did not buy.

Fistly, I wasn't impressed tehre was nothing on package to indicaate what it was. I wasn't impressed with salesperson's attitude about it and I wasn't impressed they would not open a pack so I could feel it. After all, they did not have to open a pack for every customer if they kept one as a sample.
that little tongue is just oh so cute!!
gorgeous scarf, but not as gorgeous as that baby picture :) He's sooo cute :)

Thanks for sharing a pic of him (I was about to ask for one hehehe).

Cheers Eva
I see some green poking through, making the blue a little aqua-ish. That pic of Alex is adorable.
Your scarf is so pretty and Alex is a funny little gem.
He looks such a cheeky little chap! and he's got lovely hair - at that age my lad was so blonde he looked bald.
He's just so cute ~ just keep us posted with his growing up photos.

The scarf is lovely the way it is, never mind the green hues :)
Alex is just adorable, Celia! :)

Jan... If the certain wool store is the one I think it is, then knitting kit could possibly have been the Patons 'Stress Relief Kit', which comes with a large unlabelled skein of 'Zhivago', which is 50% tencel and 50% acrylic. Of course, they may well have been selling more than one kit, but this is the one I remember seeing there during their last couple of sales.
Hi Celia,
Guess what? I am your Sockapalooza Pal! I have really lucked out, I think, as you certainly seem to be a very accomplished knitter and blogger--all with a baby in tow! He is adorable!
My husband just got back from a business trip to Australia (I am in the U.S.), so I was excited that my Sockapalooza pal is there. I have some good ideas for your socks--haven't started yet, but hope to get going soon! Leave a comment back if you have any special requests other than what was on your form. I'll keep checking the blog.
More to come!
Hi Pamela, no it wasn't the Patons kit. I know Zhivago and would have bought it. it was because I didn't recognise the yarn that I asked. As I said, one open kit as a sample would have been good.
Thanks for the compliment Ceal - guess my talent must be thanks to my great teacher!
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