Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chris' brother and his wife surprised us on Saturday morning with their arrival. They had told us they were going to arrive on Sunday morning and Chris was going to go out to the airport to meet them. Well, guess who turned up at our doorstep bright and early! Had they been 30 seconds later, they would have missed Chris as he was about to go get his car washed. In fact, he was about 10m from the car when they pulled up!

They loooooove Alex, and you know what? Alex looooooooooooves the attention even more. He's been putting on a show of maximum cuteness to get even more attention.. ah my boy, the flirt :)

I have started a pair of pants for him. I decided to use up two odd balls of sky blue Zara merino wool that I have hanging around - knit from the stash, right? This time, I am knitting the pants top down. So far, so good. I am even going to attempt to knit the legs simultaneously on circular needles. Wish me luck!

I got half way down the top part and thought I didn't have enough yarn, so I added a navy blue stripe. Now I am thinking that maybe I didn't need to after all. I think I will have enough, but I am not going to rip back.. I'll just keep knitting. I am about to join the crotch and separate for the legs. Pictures as soon as I get around to taking them. My plan is to join the crotch bit using a three needle bind-off, totally eliminating any need to seam. Do you think it will work? Wait and see!

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I hope you had a great visit with the family! I'm sure Alex ate up the extra attn.
It's amazing how babies *know* who to turn on their megawatt smiles to huh? :)
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