Sunday, January 21, 2007
I've got a baby!

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And he takes up almost all my waking hours and some of my sleeping ones too. Little Alex is now nearly 3 weeks old and he's feeding every 2-3 hours. On a good day, he's pretty good - sleeping between feeds and when he's awake, he's not whine-y. On a bad day... well.. they're just baaaaad days. I think the hot weather is really taking it's toll on him, and on me. He's more unsettled on hot days, eventhough we have the air-conditioning turned on most of the day.

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Can you see the zits on Alex's face? My poor little guy has neo-natal acne. Every time a zit goes away, another one pops up. Geez... I wonder when it's going to go away. He's not even a teenager yet and he's already got pimples! thank goodness they don't scar.

On the knitting front, I haven't done much. I completed the pink cotton top I was knitting, but I am not thrilled by the finished product. I'll take a picture soon - when I can fit into it without looking like a barrel (after I have lost a few more pounds). Maybe it will look better then. The Devon vest has been frogged. It looked like this before I frogged it:

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I figured I am never going to love it so I decided to frog it and start again. I am now knitting a plain vest in the same yarn. It's knitted in the round and should be done in no time - or so I hope anyway.

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Awww - he's just gorgeous!! Hang in there - I promise it *does* get better! The baby acne is a bit disconcerting, eh? but thankfully, it's only because of the hormones and will go away soon.

Waaaah!! I want a new baby, too! LOL
hmm. blogger ate my comment. he's so cute ! and i coudln't see the baby acne? I can't wait to see him bundled up in some hand knits!
And what a cute cute cute baby you've got :)

Cheers Eva
Aww, he is just tooo precious! I know what you mean about lack of knitting time! I'm with ya on that one! Trying to knit a row whenever I can!!!
Sweet Boy - I feel for you both in this heat. It's good that the you're still knitting too.
Alex's such a cute one! I know why everyone loves babies!
what a cutie! and such kissable baby cheeks!
Can't see any zits.... dont tell me he needs Clearasil??!!!
he can join my 2 grizzly teens....
He is absolutely beautiful, Celia! Congratulations on a job well done. And yes, they do settle down...eventually :)
Oh, Celia, Alex is a doll! He's just so cute! :)
He's gorgeous. You guys are doing great. Hang in there he'll settle as he gets older. All that growing can be hard on a body.
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh too cute! he is adorable! oh and after 6 weeks life just becomes normal again! its weird but it just happens, they go longer between feeds and home life gets a bit more normal....
Oh, Celia, how precious Alex is. I know you and Chris are so proud. I am late finidng your news (been out of the loop) and I so enjoyed reading your account of Alex's arrival. Thanks so much for sharing. Enjoy your little man!
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