Thursday, February 01, 2007
When he's like this...

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... I want to cry too. Thankfully, he's not like that all the time. In fact, he spends a lot of time like this:

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Lately he's been doing this a lot:

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Some may say it's just wind making the corners of his mouth turn, but I'd like to think it's a smile. Let's take another look...

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If you have been paying attention to my sidebar, you'll see that I have been knitting. I have made progress on my vest. It's about the only thing I can knit as it requires very little concentration, which is a good thing as I have very little to spare.

We have been trying to settle Alex into some sort of a routine this week in the hope that it will get us more sleep and save our sanity. It worked for two nights and then last night was dreadful. he just would not settle and Chris and I took turns patting his back and carrying him while he cried. I think it may just be wind causing him discomfort. He's let a lot of it out this morning, and now he's sleeping like a little beauty, which is why I am able to steal a few minutes to post.

I am so relieved he's finally fallen asleep as a parcel arrived for me this morning. It is my gift from my Spinning Roving Swap pal, Gina. Thank you Gina!

I can't wait to get started on the Blue-faced Leicester roving. It is a breed of sheep I have not seen locally and I have heard (or should I say, "read") so much about in the knitting and spinning forums. When I get back into spinning, which will be soon, I hope, I will be spinning that and the CVM roving that Cynthia sent me before Christmas.

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crap. blogger ate my comment. i said, amazing how much they change in a couple weeks, and dang, he looks like he can be LOUD!
What a cutiepatootie!!! He looks like he's got a fine pair of lungs in that first picture though :)

And those looke definitely like smiles to me :)

Cheers Eva
He is sooo precious. And what a cutie. Sometimes babies can have a lot of gas. My nephew had a lot of problems with acid reflux and being gassy in general. They do outgrow it though.
He's so adorable, esp when he smiles! Looks like he's got a good pair of lungs too. :)
That is a smile. They are always smiles and I really don't know why people insist on being so put-down-ish about it being gas. Like they never hoped that their baby would smile at them.

It's hard not to cry along with your baby. Especially when you are so tired and your hormones are still out of balance. I sometimes did. I felt better even if I wasn't succeeding at making Girly feel better. It was like the pressure wasn't on to hold it together as much if I let myself cry along at times. I found that I was able to be more patient after a good cry along too.
I remember walking the floor sobbing while the baby screamed, luckily they didn't do it a lot and grew out of it quickly.

He's so cute! Lil' Arleta says "Awwww!"
That is definitely a smile!!

Any thoughts on what the Blue Faced Leicester will become?
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