Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Happy New Year!

This is what I have been up to knitting-wise:

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I'm nearly done with one sock, and already I am bored. Is this sock destined to remain lonely and mate-less forever? We'll see... I may be able to beat the Second Sock Syndrome. Cheer me on, folks!

I realised this week that I haven't been a very good gift recipient and have not posted about the knitted gifts I have received on Alex's behalf.

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I received this lovely sweater from Candi, one of the ladies with whom I knit at Rubi and Lana. It was totally unexpected. Heck, most if not all gifts are usually unexpected. It's lovely all the same. Candi made it quite large, clever lady. At the rate Alex is growing, and considering that we're not even close to having cooler weather yet, there is a risk of Alex outgrowing it before he gets to wear it. The risk is small, though as the sweater is quite large.

Maisie came to Sydney to visit her sister, and dropped by for a visit. Yarn-pusher that I am, i took her to visit Rubi and Lana. Who can resist a visit to Rubi and Lana? Especially when they are having a summer clearance sale too! I was 'good'. I resisted the lure of the baskets and shelves of yarn and lived vicariously through Maisie. She bought. I didn't!

She brought this for Alex too!

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The sweater is still too large for Alex for now. It's super cute, though. Guess what. She knitted it from one of the yarns she bought from my Etsy store. The colourway is Stormy Skies and it's a nice "boy colour" - perfect for my little boy. I sure hope Alex doesn't grow too quickly. I really want him to be able to wear these two sweaters but the weather is still too hot right now.

I read the book last night and it's great knitters' propaganda. It's never too young to teach babies about what mummy does, as Maisie said. The book is about a Koala who went to a bush sale and came home with a bag of yarn. (Sound familiar?) Koala then knitted a jumper (sweater, to all you non-Aussies) and that's when the fun begins! I think it's a great book and I can't wait till Alex is old enough to understand it. Hmm.. maybe I don't have to wait. I can start reading to him now. who cares if he doesn't understand it yet.

It was Chinese New Year's day on Sunday and Chris and I gave away our first hong bao*. Alex received his first hong bao - from us.

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Alex was a little confused and didn't quite know what to make of it.

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He did attempt to eat it, but we don't have a photo of that. We finally managed to get him to hold it, but not for long. He got bored.

I can't believe how quickly he is growing. I weighed him again today and he was 5.4kg fully dressed. He's already starting to grow out of the 000 sized clothes which are meant for 0-3month olds. He's only 7 weeks old! What a chubba bubba.

It's a relief to see other babies at the early parenting support group growing just as rapidly. Okay, so my chubby baby is not abnormal for a fully-breastfed baby. Thank goodness. I was getting worried for a while as various online sources were saying that breastfed babies should grow about 150g-250g a week. Alex is certainly growing more quickly than that. He has grown about 2.1kg in 7 weeks.

Alex now smiles and grins. His grin definitely comes from my side of the family - all gums and no eyes! Finally, something in him that looks like me!

*hong bao, or "red packet" is a little red envelope containing money that is given during Chinese New Year for good fortune. It is usually (always?) given by married people to unmarried ones.

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Your son is a such a sweetie. I never tire of seeing his face. Happy Chinese New Year to your family. The sock is working up beautifully. Regia self-striping yarn can get a boring, but the stripes are a nice effect. Those are beautiful sweaters for Alex. I certainly hope he doesn't outgrown them before wearing them.
Alex is such a cutie and by the look of it a very lucky boy :) I like your sock i'm not normally into browns but it looks fantastic. Happy Chinese New Year!
see, i always thought hong bao was given from an older generation to the younger generation. hmm. Glad Alex was able to experience his first CNY with a hong bao. And those gifted baby sweaters are adorable... can't wait to see them modeled on the baby.
Aww, just in time for CNY angpow! LOL He is so cute!!! My little niece in law is also growing so very quickly, I think it's probably all the good stuff they get pre and post natal.
My son was a bit like that and he's still big for his agea at almost 15 months. But they say you can never overfeed a breastfed baby so you can feed him to your hearts content! Alex is absolutely gorgeous and looks like he's thriving so it looks like you are doing wonderfully. His photos are getting the old cluckometre going again though so I'd better not stay here long!

I love the colours on your sock. I have only just started my first sock, but if the baby socks (knitted flat) and booties I have made in the past are anything to go by, I could live up to my husband's brand for me as the Single SOck QUeen (he thinks I only wash one sock at a time and send it's pair outside for a lonely walk, never to be seen again...)
I love the striping pattern on the sock. Now you need to knit the other one to see if it will be an identical or fraternal twin.

The sweaters for Alex are so cute! I hope he gets time to wear them both, most especially the one made from your yarn. Go somewhere that has A/C. He'll need a sweater then.

Girly grew so fast that she was into 24 month stuff by the time she was 14 months old. My niece is 4 and is tall enough to pass for 6.
he is just gorgeous Celia, don't worry about what everyone says, he looks so healthy! I must get back to r&l sometine in the next century when I haven't got too much on.
I usually like all sock yarns. I know you can beat the Second Sock Sydrome. Just grab those needles and give it a go...you can do it.

Knit on!
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