Saturday, June 09, 2007
Big update

I know, I know.. it has been ages since I last posted.

So much has been happening here.

Done, done, done and dusted (if I pass). Gosh, I hope I pas. I don't think I can handle another semester. The last couple of weeks were really stressful.Admittedly. it is because I had not done enough work throughout the semester, but hey, it's me! I never do enough work early in the semester.

In a few weeks, I'll find out whether I passed. If I do pass (fingers crossed...) I graduate in September. Yay!

Alex has recovered well. His nose is still a little stuffy at night but aside from that, he's a well boy. Finally! It's taken long enough.

We're almost back where we were before he caught the cold. Our nights are getting better. He's nowhere close to sleeping through the night yet, but we'll get there.

A new shop
After handing in my paper for uni, i have been busy setting up shop here. I am slowly building up stock and getting ready for the opening on Friday. I have started listing stock in the hope that I will generate some interest but none of the products can be purchased till I activate them on Friday.

Anyway, feel free to stop by and take a look.

Dyeing up a storm
As can be expected, I suppose, with the new store and all. Almost all they new stuff will listed on either my Etsy store or the Ozebaby one.

I am a little behind on my swaps.. well, just one. I posted off my ISE4 scarf nearly two weeks ago and I am just waiting for my pal to tell me that she has received it.

I joined Sockapalooza4 but have not even selected the yarn yet!! I thought I'd dye the yarn myself but I wasn't sure about that. I am considering Baudelaire in an almost solid coloured yarn. The only way I know how to get that is by dyeing it myself.

I received my ISE4 scarf last week. I have been waiting for the weather to clear to get some decent photos of it. It's a nice wide scarf - really warm! I have already worn it twice! Thanks Latoya!

Life in general
Has been pretty sweet. Since my last post, Chris and I have both celebrated our birthdays. I have turned the big three-oh and Chris..well he's older ;). Gosh, I feel old!

As the boy was still unwell, and we could not go out to celebrate my birthday, Chris brought dinner home. He bought take-away Indonesian food, including a dish which he does not like. How's that for a gem? So what's this food that he doesn't like? Petai! Stink beans! It's ok if you're wrinkling your nose by now. Most people would. I am just weird.. or maybe it's just the Malaysian in me coming out.

For my birthday, I scored the Barbara Walker treasury set. Uh huh.. all four books. I am going to have so much fun when they arrive. I also got the set of Spun-out patterns. I can't wait for them to arrive as I want to knit the baby surprise jacket. I am impatient, of course, and have been eagerly hoping that the postie will arrive soon with my books.

Speaking of which.... I am most upset with the postie this week. I posted a suggestion on Rachel's blog and won a skein of yarn. My postie delivered it alright.. he just didn't bother leaving it in the shade away from the elements. On our way to work yesterday, Chris spotted a yellow envelope in the bushes near the postboxes. It was my yarn from Rachel - so wet that the envelope was disintegrating! I have tried to rescue it by re-skeining it and drying it. It's still damp but it smell okay and looks okay. I think I will turn it into a pair of pants or a little sweater for the little guy. Oh, and what yarn was it? It's a ball of Lion Brand Magic Stripes.

Such a long post and no photos? Oh alright.. here's one of the boy.
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I am gleefully unaware of what stink beans are... and I'm glad to keep it that way. My motto is... if it doesn't smell good to me, it won't taste good either (like stinky tofu, c'MON!) glad to hear Alex is better, and congrats on finishing Uni!!!!
Sorry we missed your birthday. But congrats. on getting the Barbara Walker books. On my 'must have' list!
See you soon I hope.
Congrats on finishing uni - I am sure you'll pass with flying colours. And Alex is getting cuter by the week :)
hi celia!! happy belated birthday!! glad alex is getting better ^_^ he's such a cute little guy!!!

being a msian myself, i never like petai!! hahaha...but i love helping my grandma peeling the petai though. weird ^_^
Baby is so cute and what lovely eyes! Am glad he is recovered now and do be careful with Winter chills. Oh dear! just listen to me!! Will pop by your Etsy shop now.
Oh I'm so sorry! How terrible! I hope it still works out well for you, though. I'm knitting with it right now, and I think it's pretty durable.

I love your new site, and I'll keep checking it for when stuff goes up for sale (right now everything is listed as $0.00, which I think a little too good to be true!).
I love Petai!
and a new store!
Hope it goes well!
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