Saturday, May 12, 2007
The little guy is unwell


It's the second time he's caught a cold. This time, we're not even sure it is a cold. He had his 4month vaccinations last Saturday. Since Tuesday afternoon, he's not been quite himself, and it has just gotten worse. He is now very unenthusiastic about his food, almost totally rejecting bottles and not even that interested in a boob-feed. He cries and fusses a lot. He is sniffly and has a sometimes phlegm-y and sometimes dry cough. I think it is a cold, or the result of his shots. Who knows.

On the other hand, he is also showing all the classic signs of teething, minus the teeth. He pulls at his ears, loves to chomp down on our knuckles, enjoys biting his teething ring, shoves everything in sight into his mouth, rubs his mouth with his fists, smelly poos (like smellier than usual), and all the rest of it. I keep checking his mouth and there are no teeth in sight, not even little buds or hard bits on his gums. I bought some baby Bonjela, just in case.

Oh, and poos.. I can now say I have been both pee-ed on and poo-ed on. Ah, the joys of motherhood. maybe that was Alex's mother's day present for me. I went to change his nappy tonight and just as I had pulled off his nappy, he farted at me and before I could say, "poo", the nasty stuff was oozing out. Luckily, it was all caught on a towel and not my bedsheet. Unfortunately, it was all caught on towel (and not his nappy)... which I have had to wash (the towel, not the nappy). I sure hope he doesn't make a habit of it.. I don't think I want one of tehse every mother's day's eve! To top it all off, he was giggling and grinning at me the whole time. he thought it was funny! Oh, what a cheeky boy!

Okay, this may make me feel better...
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Those are Alex's newest knitted pants. The pattern is the same as the one from last minute Knitted Gifts, but knitted from the top down. I used nearly 2 balls of Zara and a tiny bit of the dark blue Chinese merino yarn which was given to me by Emy. When I say "Chinese merino", I mean that the yarn came from China. I don't think China grows merinos, but I could be wrong.

I have started another pair. Yes, I think I am addicted. I am using the rest of the dark blue Chinese merino and a ball of blue and grape yarn I dyed when I first started dyeing. I doubt I will have enough of it to finish the pants so I will have to supplement with plenty of dark blue. So far:

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He just gets cuter all the time. The pants are just adorable. I hope he gets over his malaise soon. My boys were sick a lot when they were little and it was no fun at all.
Hi Celia,
This is your Sockapalooza 4 pal again, checking in! Hang in there with the little one, he is so adorable, but being a mom of now teenagers I know how hard it is for mom when the baby gets sick.
I am almost ready to start your socks! I have a few ideas and I hope you'll like what I select. Reading your blog helps me figure it out.
Cute pants!
cute cute cute! I hope he feels better soon.
Alex is way too cute! I hope he's feeling better soon.

I love his knitted pants, too!
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