Sunday, May 06, 2007
ISE4 scarf is completed

No photos yet as I still need to weave in the end and block it. It's looking better than I thought it would when I first started. The blue/purple tones suit the pattern and don't interfere with it too much. I promise I will post pictures as soon as I have blocked it.

Today Alex wore the knitted pants that Cynthia gave him. Thank you, Cynthia! I no longer have to roll it up as much. Alex is growing into such a big boy! Just look...

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Yesterday Alex had his 4 month shots at the doctor's and we weighed him. He now weighs 7.6kg - that's like a whopping 16.7lb! The shots were not as bad as I had feared. He yelped when the needles went it but was happy and gurgling in less than a minute after that. I think the shots hurt me more than they hurt him. Oh well.. it will be another two months before the next lot.

Alex has been a grizzly little boy for the past two days. he is asleep now, but I wonder how long that will last. He is really getting on Chris'nerves and I must admit that it's starting to annoy me too. He just refuses to be comforted by his father. As soon as Chris passes him to me, the crying softens and soon stops. What's with that? I told Chris it's not personal, but gee.. if this carries on, I will be very tired!

Alex also doesn't like bottles as much as he does the boob. He'll hold out for a boobie feed if he thinks that there is one coming. My usual routine is that I feed him before and after day care and once at around lunch time. They give him two bottles at daycare. The most that he has drunk from a bottle is 160ml, and that happened just ONCE! Usually I'm lucky if he drinks 125ml. I suspect he drinks just enough to not be hungry because he knows he will get a boobie meal at lunch time and at dinner time, and as a result he's terribly hungry by the timelunch or dinner rolls around. What a silly boy.. so clever that he has worked out the boobie meals and so silly that he'd hold out for them and drive me insane!

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well, the boy's not stupid! He's growing, so that's all that matters. The pants look great on him! He's adorable Celia, even if he is a grumpy bear.
What a handsome boy!!! Well, I am the last one to give baby advice so I'll leave it up to all the other mothers out there.
What a cutie-patootie! I love seeing pics of your little man, absolutely adorable. He looks great in the pants. He'll get over the stage of not being comforted by Chris. It cracks me up that he knows how to ration out food for the comfort of a breast.
alex is growing so fast!! look how adorable he is!! i love his chubby cheeks :)
ohhhhhhhhhhh he is looking so gorgeous! just gorgeous!!!! love the pants and sometimes keira still will cry in hubby's arms and settle in mine! its nice to know I'm loved....but just wait they get cuter....
Smart little man! He knows what he wants and does what he needs to to get it.

Girly was the same way. Happiest with the Mom. It took her the longest time to be comforted by her Daddy and even now at three she still prefers me to him. Alex loves his Daddy, it's just that you smell like the good stuff.
He's so adorable!

My niece's the same. Lately, she's acting like a koala bear whenever her mom's around. No one can tear her off. :)
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