Friday, June 29, 2007
We're on antibiotics

and feeling rather sorry for ourselves.

Alex sounds like he's better, though, which is good news for everyone. poor little mite had an ear infection. Did he get it from me or did he pass it to me? Who knows.. in any case, we've both got it.

Last weekend, I had to make him a new hat for daycare. I could not send him to daycare with ill-fitting hats. What kind of knitting mama would that have made me?!

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Okay, so I over-estimated the size of his head.. a little..okay, a lot :) Oh, alright, I'll admit it. The hat fits on MY head. Fold up the cuff, and it's all fixed. It's a wee bit loose on his head, but it fits.. more or less..

Lien, Candy and I are off to the craft fair at Darling Harbour this Sunday. I can't wait. Having signed the papers that commit us to a mortgage means that my yarn money is significantly decreased. I will have to be selective about what I am getting, or at least try to! I'll let you know after Sunday whether I was successful. Or maybe not. Wish me luck!

Oh, and I've added a couple more skeins of merino yarn to my Ozebaby store.

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am glad you are both on the mend! you didn't estimate wrong, you PLANNED on letting him grow into his hat!! (it's all in the way you pitch it.)
What a handsome boy! Babies grow fast so you were thinking ahead (no pun intended--hee). Hope you both feel better soon!
I hope everyone's better soon. Baby looks adorable in hat and sweater. I think you're an amazing knitting mama to make such beautiful handknit things. Almost makes me want another baby... just so I can knit little baby clothes.

; )
Oh, I hope you are both feeling better now. Alex is such a sweetie. As Cyn said, he'll just grow into that hat!
you spotted it!
yes my trusty tape measure doesn't live with my knitting in my Glad Ziplock bag. Have lost one too many when changing ziplock bags - not to mention stitch holders, cable needles sniff sniff!
what a cute baby! and the knitting is great too. Hope you are both feeling better.
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