Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Quick Update 12 July 2005

I just wanted to say that pictures from the Canberra trip can be found here. Sophie and Anne are B1 and B2's relatives in Canberra, with whom they stayed last weekend. Have a look at the other pictures. I managed to complete a baby sock while playing games. The red hat was also a hit - people wanted to know what the 'nipple' was for. Inverting it (to hide it) created more laughter. I have learnt. Never put a 'nipple' on a hat. Especially not when it is red!

We mucked around with play dough and created some creatures. Well, the others did, I knitted. Take a peek at the picture of the creatures. Most of them, I think were Adelina's. Aren't they fantastic!

Cynthia, your package will go out tomorrow. I am still gathering stuff for you. I will be sending out the package for my AKSP tomorrow as well. I figured that there's no point in going to the post office twice.

All you scarf exchange knitters, please let me know NEXT WEEK, if you have not received details fo yoru scarf recipient. Now, if your name was not listed in the list below, it means I have not received your email. Please contact me by tomorrow (12th July in US/UK, 13th July in AU/Asia). Thanks.
I can't wait to see what you picked out for me! i'm sending your package tomorrow as well. can't wait to see what i'm getting and if you like what i picked out for you!
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