Wednesday, January 07, 2009
Creative pursuits

It hasn't just been party party party around here. I have been "working" too. Granted that I have had two weeks off from my day job for Christmas and New Year. I have, however, been doing lots and lots of dyeing.

I have a few lots of Blue Faced Leicester combed top listed in my Etsy store. As well as that, I also added two lots of hand-dyed Optim. I love Optim. It's gorgeous and soft while being silky and with lovely drape. It actually feels quite heavy.

What I am most excited about is my newly dyed merino silk laceweight yarns. I only managed to get 7 skeins of that and so have made them one of a kind never to be repeated colourways. There are only 5 left so hurry if you want any of them.

At first I wanted to keep them all for myself but realised that there is no way I will every get around to knitting that much lace, especially not with Alex climbing all over me. The wool base is a beautiful mix of 50% silk and 50% merino. It's so soft and silky, it's almost unbelievable. I dyed them in gentle blends of colours suitable for lace knitting. If you're like me you won't want your colours to flash all over your work detracting from the beauty of the knitted piece.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention my new line of sock yarns. It is a blend of merino and nylon but so soft you would not know it has nylon in it.

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Great work Celia :)

I have always thought nylon is soft, and it seems to soften in blends too.
I have 100% nylon yarn and it is soft as.
how did i miss all these posts!!

1) Alex is SO CUTE when he's sleeping. All tuckered out... signs of a great b-day.

2) beautiful yarn celia!

3) i can't believe it's been 2 yrs either!! hugs and kisses to A-yex.

4) maybe he's saying "and one" instead of another one. He's a baller.
Hi, I hope you can help me! I lost a pattern for a sidewinder hat, every thing I
find on the net leads me to you, but no pattern. If you have it still, could you
please e-mail it to me? I will be truely thankful. Thank you so much.
Barb Johnson
Hi Celia, love the yarn, do you have any sock or lace yarns left??
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