Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Packed, posted, received

My Backtack4 pal is Emily from Embelish. After many emails back and forth trying to work out what we both like and who we both are as people, I finally put together her package. The theme is Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh. As the BT4 blog says:

"The first item is something that sparkles [the Gold part]- cards, decorations, calenders.....see where your imagination will take you. [It doesn't need to be gold]

The second item is something which has some sort of sensory aspect to it [the Frankincense part] - either smell or taste. Baked goods? Shortbread? Chocolate, soaps, the mind can run free here, but be mindful of customs regulations in different countries. Sealed food stuffs are generally ok, but check with your partner before sending anything.

The third item is a small gift for your partner for Christmas [the Myrrh part] Perhaps a small item for the tree, or mantlepiece. Quiz your partner to see what their theming is for this Christmas, and tie in your gift! or make them something they might like to use through the year - a calender, a purse, a scarf.

So.. what did I send her?

Lets start with the Frankincence part.. some home-baked shortbread with apricot jam, a jar of said home-made apricot jam and a jar of home made cherry jam. I also added a chocolate scented candle.. after all, who doesn't like chocolate?

Then the gold part.. That was quite difficult, really. I chickened out of this and didn't end up making it. Instead I bought her a desk calendar with photos of local sights. I then realised that it did not have to be difficult, so I made her some stocking shaped tree ornaments and filled each one with a gourmet lollipop from See's Candy. Mm.. See's lollipops... mmm I could just drool thinking of those giant lollipops.

Then finally the myrrh part. I wanted to make something for both Emily and her son Lucas, who happens to be the same age as Alex. In fact there is only about a week's difference between them! What a coincidence. Did I mention that Emily is my age too? yes, the BT4 organisers did well matching us. Strange coincidences. Anyway, What could I make?

I sent Emily a neckwarmer with a matching flower pin to hold it together. For her son, Lucas, I sent a pair of handmade shorts with a cars and buses trim. Emily said he loves all boyish things like vehicles, animals, dinosaurs (yes, I know they are animals too), etc. I thought the blue cars and buses fabric was quite appropriate seeing as Alex loves his shorts from the same fabric too. Since she sews, I thought I'd send her something for that too, and so I included a "vintage" Gutterman box with thread and a pin cushion.

Phew! Sounds like a lot, but it wasn't really. It was just a large assortment of small things. I really enjoyed this swap and I am looking forward to the next one. What a lot fo fun it was!


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