Tuesday, August 12, 2008
6 Random Things

I was tagged by Leah, so here goes...

1 My first "job" was at my mum's shoe store. I was about 12 then. It was a real job since I was paid and I did work for it. By the time I was about 14, I was looking after the store on my own after school and during school holidays when she could not get staff.
2 I'm a private school "snob". I have absolutely no experience with the public system.
3 It takes a lot of effort for me to "think positive". I think I am probably inherently negative and have to work hard at seeing the brighter side of things and the better side of people.
4 Meeting new people make me feel awkward. I hate it.
5 I love animals (for the most part), though I probably could not be coerced to touch some of the more creepy crawly variety.
6 I have a very short attention span, hence the "craft ADD". I need to have many many things on the go at the same time. I feel lost without activity.

I am tagging Cynthia, Gilly, Lisa, Tara, Corrie and Julie.


I thought you'd tagged me for a minute, until I checked the link!

Relief! ;-)
Hey Celia! You have been picked for Pay It Forward, thanks to Austy. I have a few questions for you. Please check my blog for details.
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