Friday, February 08, 2008
Where has the time gone?

I haven't been sitting on my hands and not posting... I have so many finished objects to show... where do I begin?

Let me preface this by first saying that I don't have any knitted finished objects.. just sewn ones.

First up, we have a skirt for me.

I made it using some cheap cotton fabric that I purchased as a bundle together withs ome other fabrics from a seller on EBay. I ended up with about 13m of assorted fabrics for $18 including postage. They were all of useable lengths too, with the smallest peiece measuring about 0.7m x 1m. What a bargain!

As I had 2m of that fabric, even after making the skirt, I had enough leftover for a bag. I coupled it with some Hawaiian print cotton fabric, and voila!

It's reversible too!

I am pretty pleased with how it came out. The pattern I had was not reversible, so I had to fiddle with it a little to make it reversible. I eliminated the flat oval base this time. My next project, I think, is to make the same bag, a little larger, reversible with the oval flat bottom. I think it will sit much better with a flat bottom. So much more practical to have a bag that will stand on its own rather than a floppy one, which this is. I used medium weight interfacing to make it stiffer, but it is still not stiff enough to stand by itself, and I am sure that after a little more use, it will be totally floppy. Nonetheless, I am proud of my first sewn bag.

I will just have to find the time to experiment with the pattern.... maybe on the weekend. It's hard to find the time to do much these days because....

...we have a little walker in the house now.

Alex walks about 99% of the time now and only crawls when he is really tired. He is getting so quick that unless we have him trapped in a high chair or on someone's lap, it's almost impossible to take non-blurry photos of him. It's not for lack of trying on our part, but it's just darned near impossible!

He's also started to feed himself. Oh joy.. not! Meal times are always messy and there's always food EVERYWHERE these days. He hasn't qquite mastered the use of a spoon yet, but that doesn't stop him from trying. See for yourself!

By the end of every meal, he looks at least as dirty as this:

That was on a good night, and you can't see all the food that he's managed to drop in his lap. Fortunately, his post dinner routine is a little play time followed by a bath, a bottle and sleep. I don't think I would be able to tolerate the mess otherwise. I hope this phase passes and passes quickly!

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It all looks marvelous, Celia! The skirt especially. You're really inspiring me to get on with the sewing...even though it's going to have to wait until April now.

The skirt and bag are fab, and Alex is growing leaps and bounds!
Congrats on the new skill!! You can often produce something quicker sewing than knitting, but you can't do it in front of the TV, or on the bus!! Although even so, I dunno where you find the time!!
When (NOT IF) Alex gets to the stage of tipping his bowl on his head &/or the floor, or discovers how one can flick mushy food with a spoon, and it makes a pretty dollop on the wall, and Mum makes REALLY interesting noises when that happens, go to your local hardware shop and buy some of those large plastic 'drop sheets' used by painters, the ones that are really cheap, cut them in half, and put them under the high chair. Then if the mess isn't too bad, you can wipe it off, and if it is all too awful, you just roll it up and chuck it out! Saves having to wipe/mop the floor quite so often! They do grow out of it, but not soon enough, unfortunately, and generally they just swap one mess-making skill for some other one! It's called developmental milestones...
Keep up the good work, Karen in Melbourne.
Hi Celia. You are doing so well with the sewing and the knitting. Also you have inspired me to start blogging. My son set me up with a blog and today I made my first entry.
I thought you should know that children eat by osmosis, that is why they need to get the food all over them. It is great to be able to keep up with Alex this way. He is gorgeous.
Margaret (aka Grand-moogi)
I love your skirt !
I like your bags! I've made a couple different bags myself lately.
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