Thursday, January 10, 2008
A new hobby??


Yes, I made them... in fact I have made two pairs. The first (the one above) could barely go over Alex's thunder thighs. I enlarged the pattern (rather poorly) and sewed a second pair. That only barely fit.

Sewing is addictive. I want to make more stuff!

Not to worry, though. As the title of this blog suggests.. I knit. I don't think I will ever stop knitting. Perhaps sewing is just a passing fancy.. and perhaps it will hang around for a bit.

Here's evidence that I HAVE been knitting...

These three hats are going out tomorrow to the lady who ordered them for her baby girl. Aside from the mint green one, they are all made to fit a head up to about 50cm around. The green one is slightly smaller. Baby Anabelle's going to have a very warm head!

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Funny, I've just been thinking about getting into sewing! I figure, if I'm weaving fabric, sewing to use it is the next logical step. I've never done clothing, just curtains, cushion covers and the like, so it would be an adventure.

As for the shorts....try and try again! Having a baby is a great advantage in that you'd get plenty of scope for practise!

Those hats are simply adorable!
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