Sunday, December 16, 2007
A confident little standing man

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It won't be long before he starts to walk, I think. He's already attempting a couple of unassisted steps on his own. The girls at the daycare centre were saying that they think that by the time he returns in the new year, he will be walking everywhere.

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Both these photos were taken on Wednesday at the daycare centre when they had their annual Christmas concert and party. My little performer seemed to quite like being on stage. He clapped along (though not in time) and "sang" along. He even out-lasted some of the older children. He was happy to be there until he spotted me in the crowd and before I even had time to put away the camera, he was clambering onto my lap where he was happy to stay for the rest of the concert. He clapped along and shook imaginary bells when the other children sang "Jingle Bells".

One of the carers at the centre also made CDs of photos which they had taken throughout the year.

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Doesn't he look like a toddler now!


He'll be walking - you'll be chasing! Those little feet can get a fair bit of speed up when they want to, so be prepared!
He looks very cute in his bright red outfit - very Christmassy.
Gosh, they do grow fast, don't they! He's a handsome man!
He IS a little man. Celia, you know I love your knitting, but Alex is by far the best thing you've ever made...with hubby's help, of course. He's beautiful.
Wow! He sure is a big boy, growing so fast, and almost walking!

Happy Holidays!
awwww its been a while since I've caught a picture of him and he looks like a toddler!!!! wow he will be running you around everywhere let me tell you and he won't want to be sitting in the pram either!!!!!!!!

he is soooooooo cute!

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