Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Seafoam Pantaloonies completed, Pomatomus begun

Oh so embarrassing!!
I am late with my Sockapalooza4 socks! I am knitting Pomatomus from Knitty in a variegated pink yarn. It's working out okay, but slowly :( the twisted stitches are slower to knit than normal stitches. I didn't think it would make that great a difference but it has!

I am oh so very late. I have told my pal.. I hope she's not too disappointed. Needless to say, this package will have to be padded out with other goodies in an attempt to make up for my tardiness! I'll post photos when I have taken some photos.

However... I have managed to complete the seafoam pantaloonies. I am rather pleased with them. thank you again to everyone who suggested wave patterns and Kat, THANK YOU! The lady getting these pants like the waves you suggested!

Seafoam pantaloonies - front Seafoam pantaloonies - front

Seafoam pantaloonies - front Seafoam pantaloonies - front
i think as long as you're communicating with your pal, he/she should be ok with late socks. At least they know you haven't forgotten. Pantaloonies look great! SO adorable.
Pantaloonies look VERY nice!
I agree, communication is everything! And I know once she gets the beautiful socks you are making her that all will be forgotten!

Those pantaloonies came out great!
I've not participated in a swap yet, but I, too, think that as long as you're communicating, all is well.

I'm so glad I could help with the waves! They look AWESOME!!
Those pants are so very cute :)
The waves look fantastic!!
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