Thursday, July 26, 2007
Ravelry addictive? N.E.V.E.R.

No, really?
Why didn't anyone tell me that Ravelry will suck away all of my knitting time? It is the biggest time waster most time consuming past-time ever. All that time spent on Ravelry, and I haven't even added all my projects yet nor taken photos of my stash. Instead, I find myself looking forward to a chocolate and yarn swap and stirring up sh*t (it was NOT deliberate, I swear!) about annoying parents of misbehaving children.

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I have made progress on the seafoam colourway pants. At the moment I am up to the second leg. The lady buying it wants a wave pattern on the leg of the pants, and I misunderstood what she wanted. I did this ========>

As it turns out, she wants a row of wave patterns around the ankle of the pants. That is now unpicked and I am looking for a chart for a small wave pattern. Know of one? Let me know please! I have been trying to chart my own rather unsuccessfully.


is it then a good idea to sign up for it?
still waiting for my invite... eeekkk
Ah ha, I found that site!
has a TON of charted designs, and there are waves somewhere in there. :-)

I usually can't see the photobucket stuff at work, which means I don't get to see your pictures often, but today I got the one with the big wave on it!

I had no idea you were doing such detailed stuff! I hope you're charging sufficient for all that work!

Sorry I can't help with a wave design. Glad Kat could help!
I think I like your idea better. Oh, well.

Yes, Ravelry has totally put a monkeywrench in my knitting.
I think your version of the wave looks just lovely.

There is a wave chart here:

I don't know if it is quite what you are after, but perhaps you could just use half of it.
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