Thursday, January 17, 2008
Definitely addictive

I cut and sewed a pair of pants for Alex last night, and you know what? It fits! Admittedly, it's a little on the long side, but he's a growing boy. It's growth room!

Oh, okay, so maybe it is more than "a little" long, but hey, if he is a tall lean child, he can probably wear these till he goes to school!!

Plenty of room in front..

Plenty of room at the back

He can sit comfortably in them without the back drooping too much..

I think I have a winner!

The pattern I used is the one from Simplicity (look at my previous post) and it is easy and works well. The only change I will make to it is probably adding a little more room to the back so that it doesn't droop at all. I don't think any of these pants account for nappies.

I'd show a photo of Soleil in progress but the camera batteries are being charged. She's coming along well. I am past the lace now and into my first lot of waist decreases. If all goes according to plan, I am sure I will have something new to wear in Malaysia.

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completely adorable!! how many pairs are you gonna make him?
They are very cute - and LOL at the length - I always thought that when I make pants for Amelia - but now I cut them off - they just got in the way (and she is a shorty anyway!)
You are so talented!!
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