Friday, December 12, 2008
BT4 received

Thank you, Emily!

The package arrived today and it was chock full of goodies for me and Alex (and Chris thinks some of it is for him too).

Starting with goodies for me:

Photobucket Photobucket

A gorgeous needle roll, a pair of needles with giraffe tops and some lovely stitch markers. In case you can't quite make it out, the stitch markers have on them little charms in the shape or a pair of scissors, a spinning wheel, a ball of wool and a piece of measuring tape. How apt!

I am saving the giraffe needles for Alex. He already pretends to knit with my needles now when he can get his little hands on them. It will not be long before he is ready to learn, I think. He taps his forefingers together and tells me, "Mummy knit knit" Some times he drapes a piece of scrap yarn over his finger and says "wooo knit knit".


Next, a jar of gingerbreadmen. This is a big hit with Alex. He had three today.. well, most of three anyway. I think I will have to get the recipe for them. there are far worse things he can be eating and the sugar and colouring did not affect him in the least. There was so little of the colouring, I guess it wouldn't have mattered anyway.


Emily also included an apron for Alex. Alex does not know it yet but he is getting a play kitchen for Christmas. Emily included some miniature wooden cooking utensils for him as well. He will be the best dressed toddler chef this Christmas, but then one could say I am biased.


I tried to get a picture of everything but did not quite succeed. Emily also sent some napkin rings that she painted herself, a box of chocolates (which Chris thinks is his part of the present) and a book for Alex . All the presents for Alex are being wrapped up to go under the tree. He has not seen them yet.

Oh and I must mention the pretty ornament that came with teh package. A glittery dragonfly. Did you make it, Em?


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