Sunday, January 20, 2008
He walks!

And so the trouble begins, I have been told...

The pants I made him were a little long.. and look what he does..


Otherwise they do fit quite well.. plenty of room for growth and comfort.




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now is when the baby proofing comes in most handy... and you'll need to do it in places you didn't think of. He's adorable and the pants look great!
I love the look of joy on his face in that movie clip :)

And that picture of lifting his pants legs is just adorable :)

Cheers Eva
So adorable! I love the pants, he looks gorgeous in them :)
That is one sweet face :)
OH! oh! you're going to get lotta of exercises.. :) wish I could give him a squeeze, so cute
omg!! he has grown so much!!!!
Oh he is so cute! That pic of him holding up his pants makes me break into laughter.
One first step... then another then another.
Walking and then running. Your house will never been the same. Watch out for those pots, pans and cupboards that use to be shut!
What a precious little doll baby! And yes, this is when the trouble begins. hahahaha!

It's fun, too, but you will be VERY happy when naptime and nighty night comes around.
Oh he is so cute! That picture of him holding up his pants makes me fall about!
You've done such an awesome job sewing those pants! He looks so cute!
Look at him go! You're in for it now, Mommy. Cute pants. I love how he's making them fit. hehe
Very cute! Love the pants ...
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