Monday, June 19, 2006
A first!

I received my copy of Yarn magazine last week, and I was pleased to see that two of my patterns had indeed made it into the winter issue, which is their third issue. It's only a young magazine. I know it's not quite the same as getting a pattern into Interweave knits or one of the more internationally known magazines, but I am proud nonetheless.

I feel like a proud mum already. :)

This is Tabby Paws
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I designed it quite some time ago. It's a simple cabled design knitted so that the left and right paws are mirrorimages of one another. There is a reverse stockinette palm part so that the knit side is facing inwards and is smoother to wear.

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Boudoir Bootie, was not named by me. Actually, neither was Tabby paws. They were both named by the folks at Yarn. I love this sock as it's and easy lace design. I started out by calling them "short-short socks". When my mother-in-law wants to emphasise something, she says it twice. So we're not just late, but late-late, or not just sweet but sweet-sweet, and hence the short-short socks. I like one of the alternative names suggested in the magazine, which is "cleavage sock" as it really does show off some toe cleavage!

I don't think my phot of the picture in the magazine does a good job of showing the lace pattern on the sock. It's a simple lace that looks like a net with square holes. The picture in the magazine is much better!

Saturday, June 17, 2006
Lazy Saturday

It's half past eleven and we've only just had breakfast. We slept in, for once. Much as I am sleepy ALL the time, it's not often that I get the pleasure of sleeping in. Ever since moving to this flat, my internal alarm clock wakes me up daily at about 6 o'clock. If I am lucky, it's slow and I wake up at 6:15!

Knitting mojo has not returned. I am considering putting up posters on the street lamps around the area offering a reward for the safe return of said knitting mojo. [sigh]

Thank you to everyone who left a message. I could not reply to all of them as some of you didn't leave me an email address. I didn't realise that I hadn't said when the baby will be born. If it decides to appear as scheduled, it will arrive mid January. However, babies being babies.. they seem to have their own schedule and I am sure thsi one will be the same.

I don't have any cravings (yet?) but Chris does. He's going through sympathetic pains. Well, not real pains.. but you know what I mean. He has the cravings and even some of the nausea. Hilarious..

I am now addicted to orange juice. I just can't get enough of it. If I run out of orange juice, I eat fresh oranges. What's the deal with oranges?! I miss the soft cheeses that I am no longer allowed to eat and deli meats. I try to make up for it by eating slices of cheddar instead. teh doctor has recommended three servings of dairy a day to boost my calcium intake. Well, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!

Both Chris' parents and mine are excited about this pregnancy. It will be the first grandchild on both sides. Everyone's told me how spoilt it will be. No, it will not! Not if I have anything to do with it anyway. Look, it's not even getting knitted clothes from its mama, how spoilt can it get?? ;)

We'releaving for our holiday next week, and I can't wait. Well, it's really "wedding - take 2" for us. We had the formal ceremony and wedding reception here and now we're going home (well, home for me, and just "KL" to Chris) for the tea ceremony and a second reception. I have a Chinese dress (a cheongsam) to fit into. My rapidly disappearing waist means that I can only just squeeze into it. Oh well.. I hope i don't grow any more between now and next week! We used to joke about how there's about two months between the ceremonies and I could even be pregnant for the second one. Uhm, folks, don't joke about such things if you don't want them to happen... But it's all good, since I became pregnant AFTER the first ceremony. Anyone who really wants to can count the dates.. I knwo a few who have already!

I really have to get off my bottom and do some cleaning.. dad's coming over this afternoon.

Thursday, June 15, 2006
I thought I'd wait..

But I can't keep a secret.

[deep breath] Okay here goes..

I'm pregnant.

Uh huh... that's right.. I'm pregnant.

I'm not meant to tell until we're past the first trimester, but it's hard to keep a secret.

We've been to our first appointment with the obstetrician. He's a lovely man.. easy-going and rather relaxed about the whole thing. I suppose he's probably seen more women and babies than I have balls of yarn so it's all old hat to him.

It's all very exciting for us, being the first pregnancy and all. The doctor managed to find the heartbeat, and we heard it. It's so amazing to hear a heartbeat coming from my belly and knowing it's not my own. Well, he said that the risk of miscarriage is significantly lower once the heartbeat can be heard so I guess that's why I thoguht it may be appropriate to share the news now.

So now perhaps you can understand why the loss of knitting mojo is so frustrating. I feel like I should be nesting now and knitting up little outfits for the bubba-to-be and it is just NOT happening! I am glad this baby will be born in summer and won't need winter warmers till it's about 5 or 6 months old. I can try to focus on socks and mittens.

This whole being pregnant thing is taking its toll on me. Poor Chris has had to deal with a tired grumpy wife for most of our marriage (and it's only been two months!). Thank God he's patient. He's learnt to stop suggesting that I go "relax and knit".. I can't! The texture of yarn makes me nauseous. How ridiculous is that?! I am a knitting mama.. I want to knit!

So far I have managed, on my good days, to make a few squares for a baby blanket and also a pair of "better than booties" baby socks. That's all I have to show for the last few weeks. Hmm.. not very good, is it?

I must confess to having had mixed feelings about this pregnancy. Don't get me wrong. I want it, and I love it to bits already. But, how can one be so hungry and so nauseous ALL the time? How can I lose my waist so rapidly when I am not eating that much? How can parts of me hurt so much? (Those of you who have been pregnant will know which bits I am referring to..) And most of all, how can I be so tired ALL the @#$%^&* time?!

Ok, I'm done whining.. I think.

Oh wait, I'm not done. I had a decent morning today and I thought I'd try knitting. Right.. why not? So I whip out some needles and a beautiful fluffy white angora that I had gotten in a swap. I thoguht I'd make some baby hats - for myself and a couple of colleagues who are also expecting babies.

I cast on about 5 stitches, and it broke.. Hmm.. Let's try again..

I cast on another 50 or so stitches, and it broke again..

Hmm what is going on here?

So I strated re-winding it to see how many breaks there are. After winding a few metres I had another break and I found what looked like a dead bug. I looked deeper in the ball and tehre was another. Eeeeuw!

Right.. my decent morning went rapidly downhill from there.

I've thrown out the other few balls of angora that I got from the same swap. I can't even remember who I had swapped with to get this yarn. Oh well. I am sure she was none the wiser too. If I recall correctly she had warned me that there were a few breaks at the top of the ball, and I had dthoguht that the yarn was just too tightly wound or something. Well, now I know. What a waste. There were a few balls of white and a couple of pink. Would have made such cute and soft hats.

No more knitting for me today. Just thinking about it makes me itch. Eeeuw!

Monday, June 12, 2006
No Knitting Mojo

I haven't felt like knitting allweek. Not one stitch!
What's happening?

I have nothing to show, nothing to share. Nope, nothing at all.

Help me get my knitting mojo back!

Saturday, June 03, 2006
One Skein update

Guess what I came home to yesterday...

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It did say "one skein", right? Wow! Thanks to my secret one skein sender.. who sent three skeins! I got alovely card with it and it appears she could not decide what to send and ended ups ending what she thought I'd like. Wow!

That's one skein of 100% silk Karabella yarn.. so soft to touch! I think that's going to be matched with something else for a scarf. One skein of Berocco Soft Twist, which matches some Berocco Glace that I have, I think. That will be a hat, I think, or perhaps a little neck scarf. Next up is a skein of gorgeous wool/mohair blend. There is definitely enough there for a hat or a baby bolero!

Thank you, my one skein sender. You shouldn't have, but you did and I love it love it love it!

You know what's even better? It arrived yesterday, the day after my birthday. I guess it's still Wednesday in the US (where she is from) so it arrived on my birthday! Woohoo! What a birthday present!

I promised you apicture of Melinda. Well, here she is.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The wonkiness is due to camera angle and lighting. It really isn't that wonky. I'd have shown a pciture of myself wearing it, but it doesn't fit me! Thank goodness it wasn't for me!

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