Saturday, January 30, 2010
Cooking with Alex

It's fun cooking with Alex. It's slow as he wants a go at everything, but it's fun. I love seeing the obvious joy on his face when he is allowed to help. Alex loves being "helpful". If you ever need him to do anything, the best way to convince him to do it is probably by telling him that he would be very helpful if he did it , and most of the time he WILL do it right away!

Last weekend, we made pasta. Alex helped me roll the pasta sheets out.

Then when the sheets were ready for cutting, he helped turn the handle to cut the pasta sheets while I fed it through.

After a lot of hard work from both of us..

Voila! Pasta!

Lots of it!

Alex enjoyed the fruits of his labour that night. We had the pasta with a tomato based sauce cooked with some leftover baked ham.

Then last Tuesday, during the Australia day holiday, we stayed home and cooked some more. We made dumplings on that day. I wasn't sure how Alex could help, but he wanted to, so I gave him a lump of dough to play with.

He made a worm. He lso wanted to wrap some filling when I started filling the dumplings, but I did nto want him messing around iwth raw meat, so Chris gave him two macadamia nuts to use as filling. We should have taken a photo of his "dumplings" but sadly we didnt.

We did, however, take a photo of my dumplings.

I was very proud of my dumplings. The pleating looked better as we went on. Practise makes perfect!

Well, not quite perfect, but they were very tasty!

Oh, and on that day, we gave Alex my old camera. He likes taking photos but we really didn't want him messing around with our cameras and dropping them, so we figured that siince the old one was sitting around anyway, he could use it.

Like Father like son.. need I say more? :)

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Oh my gosh - that is too cute. I loved all the pictures... but that last one where he's taking a picture of the food is simply irresistible. Does he have his own blog yet? Enjoy.
Handy helper!

Next time you make cookies, I am sure he'll be happy to help out!

My 4yo niece reminds me how she enjoys making cookies with me :)
oh my god! you have a pasta roller! I desperately want one! Lucky little tyke!
LOL Eryn. I let him help and a result of all the "help" I got, the pasta roller no longer cuts. i think the teeth are out of alignment so I make lasagna sheets with it and I cut by hand :( It was, fortunately, a cheapie Aldi roller :)
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