Saturday, September 05, 2009
Has it been nearly a whole month?

I think it has..the last time I posted was on 13th August. I have noticed how many blogger start posting less and less and then start apologising for not posting and before you know it, the blog is dead. I am determined not to let that happen, although the apologising has become more frequent and the posting less so.

Every time I think of posting, the sheer number of updates feel so overwhelming taht I jsut give up and then days and weeks pass before I get around to posting again. I shall keep this one short, and with hope shorter more frequent posts will make it all feel less daunting and you'll hear from me more often.

This is Alex's Joe Jumper. Why Joe? Joe is the name of the sheep from whom I got the fleece. The yarn is hand washed and handspun. I love teh natural variation in colour from the brown/gray fleece. At first I thought I'd rip back the sleeve because of that very obvious stripe, but then I thought about it again and decided the stripe isn't ugly and it makes this jumper truly unique. So I left it.

I finally got the pattern for Alex's Emergency 1 Day hat tested and uploaded to Ravelry. It is a free pattern so if you are looking for a quick satisfying knit, this is it!

We have some videos of Alex signing that we filmed this morning. I'll have to go sort them out, upload them for the next blog post. Stay tuned!
Real cute sweater and hat!

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